The Difference Between the UK and US CultureThe USA and the UK have a common bond that has been forged over several hundred years. The two countries share a common language and a history which has been rather turbulent at times. The British colonies of North America broke away in 1776 after the Declaration of Independence. The two nations have experienced some troublesome times since; however, they have been allied for over one hundred years. Two world wars, the Korean War and various operations in the Middle-East have brought the two countries together in recent years. Despite the obvious common bonds that exist between the UK and the USA, there are some stark cultural differences that cannot be denied.

World Outlook

Some of the biggest cultural differences between these two nations involve the way the citizens of both see the world. The Americans are fiercely patriotic and are taught their own country’s history from a very early age. The country is vast and contains several different cultures, terrains and climates within its own borders. These factors all combine to make many average Americans very introverted in their approach to the wider world. Britain, on the other hand, is a far older and smaller country. The UK is part of the wider area of Europe and has been forced to take the views of others into account during recent years. The British people tend to be a little less religious on the whole, and are far less patriotic; a fact that may be down to a combination of being an older nation and a national trait of self-deprecation. Generally speaking, the American political system sits to the right of the British alternative; a fact evident in the two nations’ views on the control of firearms, abortion and social welfare.


Although there are some clear differences in the food eaten in both countries, the British palette continues to move closer to that of America. However, Americans still rely more on fast-foods and convenience meals. Much of the food eaten in Britain has its roots in countries like India and Bangladesh; a link to the old British Empire and the large Asian population in the UK. American cuisine features strong influences from the nearby Latin American countries.


It is widely agreed that the Americans and the British have slightly different tastes in entertainment. American music, for example, features far more hip-hop and rap artists. British music favours a ‘pop’ style and a very definite leaning towards original guitar-based band music. However, perhaps the biggest cultural difference between the two nations involves humour. It is widely agreed that the British favour more subtle, self deprecating and ironic comedy.

Image by Patrizia Tilly – Fotolia