Europe's Most Exciting Wine ToursEurope is a continent rich with famous wineries. Italy, France, Germany and Spain especially are all famous for their wine making regions, and these areas provide scenic and memorable destinations for any tourist with a taste for vino.

Vespa Wine Excursion

This Italian wine tour begins in Vezz d’Alba where you will depart on a motor scooter. During your scenic drive, you will view the rolling hills of the local countryside on your way to one of the area’s top wineries. This two-day tour also affords you the opportunity for a wine tasting event at the Castle of Mango, a romantic dinner, and an overnight stay at a holiday farm in the area. This wine excursion is a romantic getaway that is perfect for couples to embark on.

Bordeaux Tours

The Bordeaux region of France is known the world over for its wine production. In this area, several tours are offered. A trip through this part of the country will provide you with a spectacular view of the vineyards as well as many historic areas of the city of Bordeaux. You can develop a custom wine tour, which may include a personal chauffer, visit to a local spa, or the opportunity to take a wine- making course. Several wine bars are located in the city as well.

Mittelrhein Wine Region

This German wine region is known for its splendid castles and ruins of ancient cities. During a wine tour here, you can cruise the Rhine River or visit any of the local hiking trails. In fact, hiking along the local hills will afford you the opportunity to get a sweeping view of many of the vineyards. Several wineries allow you to book an overnight stay, so you can enjoy a private and romantic setting while enjoying the quaint German countryside.

European wine tours can be both fun and educational since many allow you the opportunity to learn about local history and culture. If you are looking for a quiet getaway that will provide you with breathtaking scenery, then one of these exotic tours could be just the ticket.

Picture: PANORAMO – Fotolia