Exploring the Different Cultures of South AmericaSouth America is a land of contrasts. While the geography rises and falls from Andean heights to the plains of Argentina and the rainforests of Brazil, many diverse cultures have developed, offering a wide range of holiday experiences. Visitors looking to enjoy the cultural delights of South America have plenty of options, and can find all inclusive hotels (www.bahia-principe.com/en) in any country or region that they wish to visit – from Venezuela to Chile, from Rio de Janeiro to Ecuador. So exploring South America’s history, music and food can be simple and comfortable. With everything provided on site, all inclusive hotels make exploration that much easier.

A continent filled with cultural wonders

South America has everything. The island of Curacao, the southern Brazilian coast and the beaches of Chile offer water sports and relaxation. Argentina, with its long tradition of raising cattle serves up some of the best beef dishes in the world. Brazil, the beacon of sporting and musical culture will entertain anyone, particularly around Carnival time. Peru, home to the Inca civilization, boasts cities perched in the clouds, while Colombia has beach resorts and vibrant cities, night life and eco-tourism in its highlands. There is nothing stopping you from heading north and sampling what Central America has to offer as well. Whatever your own interests, these cultural highlights can be experienced safely, and you can find all inclusive hotels wherever you’re travelling takes you.

See the Incas with an all-inclusive deal

Recent years have seen many South American destinations raise their game in regards to tourism, and you can find all inclusive hotels offering superb vacation packages. Resorts like the Decameron in Ecuador or the Occidental in Colombia’s historic town of Cartagena are great examples of wonderful, atmospheric and pleasant all inclusive hotels. So, if you have a taste for archaeology, want to enjoy some Bossa Nova or head out horse riding on the Pampas; if you want to try the chocolate, coffee and tropical fruits of Colombia, or a river tour in Guyana, South America’s wide range of cultural attractions is there to enjoy and it is easy to find all inclusive hotels that can make those desires a reality.

Picture: Worldwide Pictures – Fotolia