The Music Scene in LiverpoolLiverpool is widely regarded as being one of the greatest music cities in the world, due to its creation of so many top bands and musicians over the last 60 years. In 2001 it was declared the ‘city of Pop’ by the Guinness Book of Records due to the unrivaled number of top records to emerge from the city. Arguably the most famous band of all time, The Beatles, were from Liverpool and they have helped to create a thriving and evolving music culture since they hit the big time in the 1950’s.

Pop Culture

Although The Beatles are the most famous of all of the bands to emerge from this great city, the music scene has moved on a long way since then. Some of the other particularly successful bands that make this city so prevalent in music culture include Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the Coral, the Zutons, Atomic Kitten, the Sugababes and the Wombats. Liverpool has also played an important part in the popularity of dance music over the last 15 years, with one of the largest super clubs in Britain, Cream.
Today the music scene here is extremely vibrant, and lots of up and coming young bands are performing each week in different locations around the city, as well as many internationally esteemed musicians and singers playing at the impressive larger venues. Some of these large venues include the Echo Arena, O2 Academy, The Magnet, Masque and Concert Square.

Current Scene

Recently an awards ceremony was hosted here to celebrate the brightest young bands which are breaking into the music scene and it highlighted the amount of great talent that is being produced by local bands and record labels alike. The event was hailed as a huge success, and some of the bands which received particular attention include Loved Ones, Bang On, and Mugstar.
There is a real buzz in the city at the moment and many people are predicting that there will be a huge number of extremely successful bands to come out of Liverpool in the next few years. Anyone wishing to see some great live music should check out the local listings and snap up some tickets before they’re all gone!

Picture by SADIA – Fotolia