The Philharmonic Orchestra of the MarcheAn institution which blends tradition with innovation, this Philharmonic Orchestra of the Marche is one of Italy’s musical gems. The Marche region of Italy has been associated with music for a long time. From the late 18th century onwards, towns such as Ancona, Jesi and Pesaro have been linked with some of Italy’s finest composers and musicians. Gioachinno Rossi and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi are just two of the composers who were born here.

Orchestra of the People

The town of Ancona, close to Jesi, is where the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Marche is based. Known in Italian as Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, it was founded in 1895 and continues to play a prominent role in the cultural life of a region where music seems to be the lifeblood of the people. The orchestra is approved by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, while the current chief conductor and artistic director is Donato Renzetti.

The Philharmonic Orchestra is known for the varied and often innovative way that it interprets often well-known pieces of music. Many put this down to its focus on youth; many young musicians play a leading part in the Philharmonic Orchestra, helping to maintain an artistic freshness, which means the work rarely sounds stale.

Marche Greats

Obviously, the Philharmonic Orchestra does like to make local composers central to their performances and programmes. Pergolesi from Jesi and Rossini from Pesaro are just two of the local figures whose work has been performed and interpreted in recent times. The Philharmonic Orchestra also works with local schools and performs regularly at the frequent music festivals in the region.

The Philharmonic Orchestra also adopts an international perspective that reaches far beyond local towns such as Jesi. One especially fine example of this occurred in 2009, when, as part of the International Festival of Izmir in Turkey, it performed a concert entitled ‘Mediterranean Serenade’, along with guitarist Giovanni Seneca.

The orchestra continues to play a major role in the cultural life of this especially musical region of Italy. Blending innovation with tradition, the orchestra acts as an impressive ambassador for the region in Italy and the world beyond, proving that the musical heritage of the Marche is alive and well.

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