The Popularity of MangaManga is a Japanese comic that has existed for years and is now popular with children and adults outside of Japan. In Japan, the manga cartoons are quite popular and generate over a billion dollars a year in revenue. The ability to draw a mango cartoon is a highly respected skill in the Japanese culture and the trend is spreading overseas.


The attraction to Manga may be due to the Pokémon and Sanctuary cartoons that offer a unique view of Japanese culture. These cartoons are not only admired by children, but adults are also attracted to the unique action adventure and romance that they are able to view in the cartoons. With the popularity of manga, that people would love to be able to have a manga drawing or draw a manga cartoon.

Create Your Own

The ability to draw manga is an acquired skill that can be self-taught through many online and offline tutorials. The options to learning how to become a Manga artist can certainly be learned by finding the right resource. One of the popular options is the Manga Online University, which offers online tutorials and videos on drawing Manga. There are also Manga communities where you are able to share and communicate your love for manga and the characters in the cartoons.

Picture: Martin Green – Fotolia