The Best Nightclubs of LondonLondon is a vibrant, exciting, popular and thriving city, full of the latest trends in fashion, music, entertainment, arts and technology. It is one of the most visited cities in the entire world and has as much in the way of entertainment to offer, as it does history and heritage. The nightclub and clubbing scene of the city is extremely versatile and wide ranging, with clubs and night spots catering to a hugely diverse range of tastes, demographics and music preferences. From hard core metal, to swanky modern clubs, dive bars and traditional pubs, to late night clubs blasting the latest techno and electric sounds, there is something to suit everybody.

The Dance Clubs

Having such a range of clubs and night spots to choose from makes it a difficult choice of where to go. There are a huge number of celebrity hang outs that are on the more exclusive side. This can mean waiting in queue for hours and perhaps not even gaining entry, but it may be worth the risk as these clubs offer the best in music, style, and partying. Clubs like the Ministry of Sound is famous for its unique music system and huge crowd that it attracts every weekend. With the most famous and legendary DJ’s playing regularly, this club is a must if the dance scene is of any interest to you. Fabric is another club that is music-centred, offering partygoers a ‘bodysonic’ dancefloor so that the music is truly felt and every beat is experienced.

The Laidback Clubs

Koko in Camden is a more laidback club and plays a range of music. Many famous names have performed here including Coldplay and Madonna. Similarly, Egg is a 3-floor club that offers a diverse range of music and floors to cater to all, with a huge garden for smokers and even a swimming pool in the warmer months. Club Aquarium also has a pool and even a Jacuzzi, and includes a room just for chilling out and relaxing, and also a more exclusive lounge area.

Picture by DWP – Fotolia