Boxers or Briefs - How to DecideBoxers or briefs? Each one has its virtues, and it can be a tough job choosing between them on any given day. That’s alright. You’ve come here seeking guidance on this delicate matter. You’ve done the right thing. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each, shall we?

The Eternal Dilemma – A Brief Study

Argument has raged for decades over this integral facet of men’s fashion. Boxers or briefs? Which is superior? Mostly the answer appears to be a matter of opinion, but each have their uses. Boxers – or boxer shorts – have been around since 1925, but have only really been called “boxers” since 1944. They were made with freedom of motion in mind and are well suited to a man who prefers a little room to move around. Briefs, on the other hand, were originally conceived in 1935 and were made specifically to provide, shall we say, “support” to a gentleman, with the legless design ensuring no restriction of movement. The fact that the two are so very different makes it hard to call either boxers or briefs truly superior; they were each designed with different goals in mind.

Equal but Different

Boxers and briefs are complete and utter opposites, when studied side by side, and it’s impossible to say that either one is strictly better than the other. There are situations that call for each. For example, on a hot summer’s day, briefs might easily become sticky and sweaty and thereby horrendously uncomfortable, whereas boxers, on the other hand, would provide some comforting room for air to circulate, especially when wearing some big shorts on the outside or other loose clothing. If you’re going jogging, alternatively, you may prefer to wear briefs. You really ought not to need to be told why. Likewise, any tight-fitting clothing would likely benefit from the supportive properties of a good pair of briefs.

In conclusion, it’s probably safe to say that you’d be fairly well off forgetting the ‘one or the other’ argument altogether. The clear answer, as you can see, is ‘boxers and briefs’. Have both to hand, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Picture by M S – Fotolia