How to Celebrate Your CurvesThe allure of the curvaceous feminine shape has been captured through the ages with paintbrushes and on film. Who does not know the celebrated hourglass figure of Marilyn Monroe? Ladies in the fifties prized cinched waistlines and ample bosoms while a pronounced bottom was considered most desirable. The sixties brought about a waifish model named Twiggy, who turned the tide and made skinny models fashionable, until supermodel Cindy Crawford restored hope with her fuller figure; proving that curves are here to stay.

Celebrities and Science

Lately, the hourglass figure is popping up all over popular media. Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johannsen and Christina Hendricks are adored for their poise, confidence and of course; their curves. Celebrity cook Nigella Lawson leaves boys drooling over a lot more than her delectable cuisine. The fact is that studies have shown that a voluptuous shape indicates increased fertility, fitness, overall good health, and is also seen as more attractive by the majority of men.

Shop for Your Shape

With this morsel of information and more celebrities embracing their curves, it is now time for all of you buxom beauties to celebrate your curves. It is important not to hide them away in the dark corners of bulky and unbecoming clothing. You need to shop for your shape. Those of you that are not genetically blessed with curves; don’t despair. By choosing a cut that nips you in the waist, you can easily create an illusion of curves. Shopping for empire line and wrap dresses is a great place to start.

Confidently Curvaceous

If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, pencil skirts are the ultimate wardrobe item. Use a belt to emphasise your waist. Go for fitted jackets and don’t be shy to show some cleavage. Dresses should be form fitting and a hemline just above the knee is recommended. For some added height, wear heels and tights of the same colour and skirts with a higher waistline. The final suggestion, and perhaps the most important, is confidence. Walk with your shoulders square, tummy tucked and head held high. Apart from curves, confidence is the most attractive asset a curvy lady can have.

Picture: Fisun Ivan – Fotolia