Different Chinese Fashion StylesChina is a country famed for producing a wide range of diverse and beautiful fashion styles to suit all occassions.

Phoenix Coronet

Phoenix Coronet is a hand made headdress used primarily for ceremonies such as weddings. This extraordinary hat sits on the head and rises several inches up with phoenix shapes throughout and they are all embroidered with primarily white all around them and there are also a type of tassels that hang down on the sides with beads on them and more threading hanging off the ends in long strands. These same tassels can be seen hanging off the back of the headdress as well but much shorter. These are placed in such a way as to help keep it on the wearers head.


This is a hat used by the Chinese for working outdoors in their garden or for wearing just to do everyday things such as errands. It is made of bamboo that is weaves like a basket. The Douli is wide to protect the wearer from the sun. It can also be used as a decoration.


Most Chinese shoes look like slippers that are flat on the bottom like ballet slippers. Some are made of pure cotton from top to bottom and tend to be black except the soles are white. These are usually used for kung fu but can be worn for everyday use as well. There are also slippers with a toe tie that are silk and are hand embroidered with different Chinese designs.
There are also slip-on shoes with block bamboo soles and fits like a flip-flop.

Picture: zatsepin – Fotolia