Different Styles for Different Body ShapesIt’s often said that the style one wears should be “flattering” of one’s body type. But what does that actually mean? Society has a lot of opinions about which styles are “flattering” or “acceptable” for each body shape, but what style suits which shape?

The Meaning Of “Flattering”

For so-called plus-sized people, the term “flattering” all too often means hiding their body shape as much as possible under as many layers of loose fabric as they can stand to wear. Many fashions for plus-sized bodies are designed to cover up rather than give style or emphasis. This is a rather blatant technique for shaming plus-sized bodies, and is a trend that ought to be bucked. Pick a style that truly flatters your body shape, by bringing out its curves and showing them off. Emphasize what you feel are your best features, rather than hiding those which you may not feel so proud of. Most importantly, however, style yourself so that you feel comfortable and happy. Make your style your own!

Not Only a Problem for a Plus-Sized Body

If you have a decidedly slim body shape, chances are you’ve experienced some pressure regarding which styles are “flattering”, too. Sometimes people with a body type that is considered conventionally attractive will feel pressurized to “make the most of it”, with many fashions being somewhat overtly suggestive. Any style that you wear needn’t be overly revealing, however (unless you want it to be!). The same rules apply for you when choosing your style as they would do for anybody else: pick a style that you feel empowers you and makes you happy! However, chances are that with your body shape, you have a greater selection of fashions available to you to wear, so go ahead and be creative!

“Style” is a very subjective, personal thing! What you wear defines what side of yourself you show to other people, so whatever kind of body you have, the most important thing is to be proud of your body and pick a style that represents you, rather than the opinions of others.

Picture by Markus W. Lambrecht – Fotolia