Fashion and Comfort Wearing comfortable yet fashionable clothes and footwear is easy to achieve, if that is what you want to do, though some might say anything will become comfy in the end if you like it enough! For the sake of fashion probably every woman over sweet 16 has tottered on top of tall platform soles or teetered on stilettos at some point in their life. ‘Fifties’ housewives would never have been seen dead without their killer heels! Throughout history, womens’ tender feet have been mercilessly squeezed into narrow pointy shoes, and in ancient China, they even had their feet bound up from childhood so they could wear teeny tiny shoes, which of course were the height of fashion. Clearly, fashion and comfort don’t always go together.

Feeling Groovy, and Comfortable Too!

You can look good, as well as feel good, however. Lounge wear is very trendy right now. If you can be louche and alluring in a beautiful silk ‘leisure’ suit when you lounge around your fashionable home, then why not go for it? What man wouldn’t love to come home to his gorgeous woman, resplendent in a soft and inviting pants suit? Menswear can also be nice to touch and to wear – every woman loves to cuddle up to a man in a luxurious cashmere sweater. Just remember, comfort is key. Getting all red and sweaty if you’re wearing thick fabrics in hot weather, or shivering away in a sleeveless top in sub zero temperatures will make you look as bad as you feel!

Dress for the Occasion

The key to good fashion sense is to wear what works. If you’re off to a ‘black tie’ ball, then wear a well fitting suit that shows off your trim contours to perfection. Whatever you do, don’t look buttoned up and uncomfortable, as a man can either carry off a smart suit looking cool and well dressed, or he can look a mess! When fashion and comfort go together, a stylish look will come naturally. If a woman wants to be the belle of the ball, then wearing classy and natural fabrics, set off with a subtle brooch or necklace will be the epitome of good taste, comfortably worn. Knowing you look the part is half the battle, and combining fashion and comfort is the key to having a great time. Enjoy!
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