Fashion for Every OccasionThere are so many outfit types needed for everyday wear. Work, evening, leisurewear, party gear, formal attire, workout clothing and beachwear are just some of the categories that require suitable outfits and trendy presentation. Depending on the type of occasion and the look you want to achieve, it is easy to put together gorgeous outfits that look great and are appropriate to the nature of the event or activity you want to engage in.

Every day Wear

Most people wear some form of work clothing during the day, followed by leisurewear and/or casual weekend clothing when out and about. But the informality of these occasions does not mean that fashion sense is irrelevant. For work, particularly office work, a great basic outfit is the simple white shirt and black pencil skirt. This combination can be the groundwork for a huge array of outfits that look different even though they are all based on the same 2 items. Team with different jackets or even elaborate blazers with interesting heels for a changeable and alternative image each day. Add different belts and jewelry for even more alternatives.

Party Wear

Going to parties, clubs or more formal occasions are usually the events that people tend to make more of a fashion effort for. People want to stand out, to present themselves in the best and most flattering light possible. Go for dresses that are tailored to your figure for maximum appeal. If you are pear shaped, try a dress with a highly texturized upper half to balance wider hips. Athletic or slimmer builds should go for sweetheart necklines and feminine cuts to create curves. Hourglass or curvier shapes should opt for dresses cinched in at the waist to elaborate on smaller waistlines. Whatever is on trend with dresses, prioritise body shape over anything else and you will look great!

Whatever the occasion, accessories can really make a difference to your wardrobe. By having a few basics and a selection of bags, jewelry, belts and shoes you will get more outfits than you thought possible.

Picture: Marin Conic – Fotolia