Fashion: Omnipresent and PowerfulThe most fascinating phenomenon at the turn of the 21st century is the phoenix – like rise of the electronic media -the TV, radio, films, the tabloids, journals, newspapers etc. that pervade into each and every aspect of human life. The two most outstanding influences that affect the behavior and attitudes of people are that of Music and Fashion. Both are capable of altering ones personality, temperament and even sense of identity as it has an overwhelming effect on how a person would like to perceive himself and is inclined towards. What remains to be seen is which of these media influences the public more. While following the trend becomes an obsession with some, music touches ones soul and enables a person to escape from the stress and worries of the world.

Fashion and its Influence

The evidences of human beings having an inclination towards fashion can be found from the Stone Age till today, where people, especially women loved to adorn themselves with different kind of jewelry and clothes. Trends keep changing from time to time and the factors affecting it may be many. Today people have become more aware of the going styles, be it the clothing trends, the accessories, make up, hairstyle and so on. Another important reason may be the increased spending power, which allows them to buy a couple of designer dresses and matching shoes with ease.

Music and its Universal Appeal

Music on the other hand is a powerful force and has a universal appeal. Right from the pre-natal stage, there is ample proof to reveal that music can affect growth and development of the fetus. From a child in kindergarten to modern day adolescents, life is practically surrounded by music on their iPods, CDs or even mobiles. The middle-aged can be seen enjoying music while exercising, walking etc. Music is being used even for therapy and medical treatment because it connects deeply with an individual and is instrumental in changing his mood, temperament and emotional state.
Though both the mediums have great appeal, Fashion however, takes the front seat.

Image by: Matteo Calandriello – Fotolia