The Greatest Fashion Designs of the 21st CenturyThe most successful and popular fashion designs of the 21st century are the ones that have left an impression on our modern day culture. Flattering cuts, innovative materials, structured pieces and interesting prints have all been used by designers of recent years in ways which flatter bodies and create illusions of height, narrow waists, smooth lines, longer limbs and slimmer figures.

1. The ‘Body-Con’ Dress

The Herve Leger bandage dress has become a celebrity staple of the last decade. With its fantastic powers of illusion and curve creating architecture, celebrities and retail stores alike cannot get enough of them. The innovative design utilises undergarment material to create smooth lines and hide the dreaded lumps and bumps that so many women hate. These ‘body-con’ designs essentially mould the wearers body into a streamlined shape with its distinctive bandage-like scaffolding.


2. The Cutaway Dress

There’s no denying the fact that cutaway pieces have been around since the 80’s. However, the noughties have seen this trend revived and transformed as designers have increasingly used cut-out pieces and even see-through sections of mesh within their designs, to create truly unique pieces which are infused with sexual allure, without actually having to expose any flesh. From one-shoulder asymmetric gowns to intricate cut-out backs, dresses have never been so diverse.

3. The Platform Heel

Designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin have created a type of heel which is so commonly worn now, it has become a wardrobe staple for many. The insertion of a platform deceptively hidden in the shoe increases the wearer’s height while not compromising on comfort. This design quickly filtered down to the high street, which is now awash with replicas. The nude version of these shoes promotes the illusion of more height and slender legs even further as the colour blends into the wearer’s skin tone, thus making the shoe appear to be an extension of the leg itself.

Picture: konradbak – Fotolia