The Importance of Finding Well-Fitting ShoesPeople who wear ill-fitting shoes suffer not only short-term discomfort in their everyday movement, but also longer-term physical problems which are not just confined to their feet. If the bones in the feet become misaligned, it can lead to problems elsewhere in the body, such as the knees, hips, back, shoulders and even the neck. Consequently, it’s never too early to learn good foot care.


Every child should be given shoes that fit properly because the bones in a child’s feet are soft and wearing shoes that are too tight can lead to deformities of the feet and, possibly, the legs. A child may not be able to explain why their feet are in pain, but if they say they are, listen and take them to a reputable shoe shop where their feet can be professionally measured and the shoes examined. A child’s shoes should be wide and round at the toes, and not pointed, as that will force the toes to push inwards and take up unnatural positions, even leading to them crossing. Also, make sure that the child’s feet don’t slide around in the shoes, something that could easily happen if they are given a pair to grow into.


If you were fortunate to have had the proper care and attention paid to your footwear when you were a child, carry on maintaining those good habits throughout your adult life. Well-fitting shoes mean you stand properly, which gives you the correct posture, and that is vital if you are to avoid a myriad of irritations such as backache, round shoulders, neckache and so on. It’s been estimated that about seventy per cent of foot problems are due ill-fitting shoes, and it’s particularly prevalent amongst women, due to fashion trends. If you are suffering the ill effects of bad footwear, check in with a chiropodist and let him tend to your feet. Then, start to treat your feet with respect by buying shoes that fit well. You may not be at the cutting-edge of fashion, but you will feel a whole lot better physically and be a lot more mobile.

Image by Robert Kneschke – Fotolia