A look back on the styles of 2012A lot happened in the world of women’s fashion in 2012. Not all trends can be to everyone’s taste, but there were a whole range of different styles in vogue, so there was something to please most people. Here are just a few of the year’s hot styles.


Peplums on tops and dresses were big during 2012. They hark back to vintage style, and give you a glamorous and sophisticated look. Not to mention that this shape makes you look feminine and curvy.

Psychedelic Prints

Women’s fashion revisited the ’70s as psychedelic prints made a comeback. Loud prints were so in, either in bright, bold colours, or more muted shades of beige, brown and green such as were popular the first time round.

Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers were a must-have item. You get to look cool and relaxed in your style, while the wedges still give you the height you desire and make your legs look longer and shapelier. You could find them in any colour and style you could imagine, so co-ordinating was easy.

Boyfriend Coats

For Autumn/Winter 2012, over-sized boyfriend coats were where it was at. They were found in high fashion as well as on the high street. Double breasted coats with strong shoulders were especially popular, and make you look smaller and cuter by comparison.


Plaid also made a comeback in 2012. It’s a very versatile print that you can style up to give you a look from preppy school girl to ’90s throwback grunge fan, and everywhere in between. Jackets, shirt, shirts and sweaters could all be found in plaid, just don’t wear them all at once.


Forget Victoriana, this was the year of Edwardiana. Possibly inspired by the world becoming taken with the program Downton Abbey, there were lots of dresses on the market that harked back to Edwardian glamour and grace.
These were just some of the trends in women’s fashion that you could find on the catwalk and in high street shops during 2012. It was a varied year for fashion, but it shouldn’t be one that will cause people to cringe when they look back on it.

Image: get4net – Fotolia