Reem Alasadi: Fashion Designer with dark fairy tale visionsDestruction and reconstruction, beauty and chaos combine in Reem Alsadi’s fashion collections that are nothing short of amazing. Her new collection „Twisted Oliver“ plays with Charles Dickens famous character and dark fairy tale elements.

Reem Alasadi lives in London but was born in Iraq. Right now she has her own label called REEM and she works with old, vintage materials that she fuses into new collections. There is – aside from the economical aspect – a certain worldview behind, to take something old and interpret it into something new.

Reem Alasadi: Beauty and twisted Fantasy

Her style is adventurous, romantic, fantastic and crazy enough to especially cater to Steampunk, Goth and Cosplay Fans. But that doesn’t mean that one couldn’t buy one of her pieces and pair it with some nice jeans or a simple skirt and turn heads.

Reem usually puts both spring and autumn fashion in one collection, for clear reasons: First, she wants to make it easier for the buyer to budget and second, it is less expensive to have one collection represent both seasons, do one runway once a year and therefore everything is more focused.

Great designs and fantastic fabrics

There is a great variety in her designs that all clearly spell out her name. From flowy hippie dresses to small little numbers with shoulder pads to amazing pants. Next to her very wearable shirts, jackets and dresses, she also displays showstopper pieces that are more concentrated versions of her vision and should be seen as the art of her profession.

Especially in a time where many designers try to be sleek and futuristic in their designs, Reem’s playful, romantic yet chaotic designs with the numerous details and the air of Tim Burton meets Terry Gilliam stick out and make you feel as if you are part of a magical story yourself. And the detail that goes into the combination of fabrics is stunning.Her cultural heritage is definitely a part of it, although Reem feels at home in Britain. The freedom there seems to be the wings to her creativity that allow her to make statements with her fashion without fearing consequences.
Picture: Atelier Sommerland – Fotolia