Simple Ways to be Green at Home

It is said that economy starts at home, and this is certainly true. But it is also true that saving the environment starts at home and if you want to proactively help towards saving the world in which we live, then there are simple steps you can follow to make your home more environmentally friendly.


Recycling your refuse can be a key starting point to help save the environment. Any paper, cardboard, glass, tins or plastic products can be disposed of in separate recycling bins to save waste and materials. Large household items such as fridges, ovens and furniture can be disposed of at your nearest recycling tip. Leftover food can be stored in a separate container and if you have a backyard then you can start to make compost which can nourish your garden and help the environment. When shopping for your household goods you can check the labels for recyclable and environmentally friendly products. Using natural products to clean your apartment such as vinegar can save you money and cut out the use of harmful chemicals found in standard cleaning products. Another easy way to ensure you are helping the environment is to swap your light bulbs for energy efficient ones and to turn off your lights in any rooms you aren’t using.

Make your Home Office Greener

If you work from home, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the amount of common business waste that harms the Earth. You can start by recycling any paper waste you may incur and cut down on junk mail clutter by contacting the relevant services to prevent you receiving direct mail. If you have a printer then you can also recycle your printer cartridges or buy re-usable cartridges. Many big brands such as Epson now offer re-fillable cartridges, which is ideal for anyone looking to save the environment and reduce printing costs. Old computers you no longer have any use for you can be either sold to someone else for reuse or disposed of it at your recycling tip. Also, turning off your computer at night instead of leaving it on standby can prevent you wasting energy. With a few minor adjustments in your office even using reusable coffee mug for your morning caffeine fix, you can proactively help towards saving the environment.

Image: anweber – Fotolia