Stylish Bags for Practical UsesIt is not uncommon for women to have two basic styles of bag – stylish and practical. Stylish bags are the show-off bags, the ones that are on trend, glamorous, sophisticated and modern. Practical bags are then the ones that are usually larger, not as pretty and perhaps don’t even go with any imaginable outfit. But instead of resigning to stuff all of your essentials and products into a small but pretty clutch, why not go for bags that are both stylish and practical? They do exist! And they are quite the fashion lifesaver.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a fantastic way to store your make-up, keys, phone and all manner of other necessities in a convenient way while also looking great with almost any outfit. Large and roomy yet highly sophisticated and sleek, these bags come in a huge array of colours, sizes, styles and design while all being characterised by roomier space and handy little compartments. They are perfect for taking to the office and even for busy mums. Pick a muted colour to maximise on usability and style or go for a neon hue to be bang on trend.


Satchels provide a retro look which has come back into fashion with a bang. Highly usable and completely versatile, satchels are an easy way to work a vintage or preppy look into your wardrobe while also being practical. Coming in a vast selection of sizes and styles, their long adjustable straps make them easy to carry around any way you like while the typical buckle and pocket design looks great with both casual and dressier outfits. Incorporate current trends by opting for animal prints or stay with the classic school-days look and go for an earthy tone.

Bags are an accessory that you will always use no matter what the occasion. Their level of practicality is important as no woman should be without an easy way to carry around cosmetic products and basic essentials. Combining this feature with style is a great way to get the most out of your most important accessory.

Picture: Elnur – Fotolia