The most stylish watches for menNowadays you can find the time on pretty much every electronic device, from the ovens in our kitchens to the smartphones which never leave our sides. Despite this fact, we still love to wear watches. Over the past several years watches have become not only a means for telling the time but also an accessory capable of making an impressive fashion statement. During 2013 the market of watches for men will only get bigger and better, but which watches are tipped to be the most stylish?

Mixed Materials

The biggest trends in watches for men in 2013 will be designs that incorporate a mixture of two different elements in the watch strap. This could mean coloured metals, different finishes like chrome or matte and even mixed use of metal and leather. Despite the hefty price tag, the Williams F1 Team Chronograph created by Oris is a stunning example of how a strap made from brushed metal and rubber can create a slick time piece which will result in ample admiration.

Inside Out

Rotary watches with a large watch face showing the inner workings of the watch itself make a great style statement and will be one of the big trends in watches for men during 2013. These watches look expensive and detailed, particularly when paired with a premium leather watch strap.


Last year one watch stormed the web and was the subject of tech blogs everywhere (and it hasn’t even been made yet!) That watch is called Pebble and it gathered a record breaking backing on the start-up website Kickstarter. The watch not only looks slick but it syncs with your iPhone and iPad to create a seamless user experience bringing traditional time pieces back into the 21st century.


The summer of 2013 will see a collection of watches that give a nod to retro designs like that of Casio and Seiko. Lightweight, colourful and fluorescent watches will also be huge amongst the younger generation. Brands like Slappie-a slap on watch which comes in a variety of bright colours has a price tag that won’t break the bank and is perfect for free-spirited holidays in the Summer.
So there you have the style trends for men’s watches in 2013. Remember- watches can be expensive, so if you plan to invest in a watch for 2013 make sure you shop around for the best possible price.

Image from: Ensuper – Fotolia