How to Wear Patterned TightsPatterened tights are one of the biggest new accessories. Everywhere you look, there are stylish people sporting them. As with any new trend, it can be hard to intuitively know how to wear them properly. It needn’t be a big fashion dilemma, though. There are many different ways in which you can look great in these types of tights.


With a Plain Outfit

You’re going to be best off teaming tights that are boldly patterned with a plain or simple outfit. There are a lot of extreme patterened tights on the market, such as those covered in animal print, houndstooth, or colourful hearts or stars. These sorts of tights will look amazing with a simple black shift dress, so that there aren’t two competing looks vying for attention.

With a Matching Outfit

You can wear patterned tights with an outfit that matches or complements them, as long as neither is too bold. For instance, a floral dress can look great with tights that have a subtle floral pattern and if you have tights with small polka dots, these would work well with a ’50s style polka dot dress.

With Shorts

Tights and shorts work well together, especially for a spring or autumn wardrobe, and tights with patterns are no exception to this rule. As with the above, if your tights have strong patterns, it’s best to keep your shorts quite plain, but this is open for experimentation.

With Solid Colours

There are many types of patterned tights which are quite plain in themselves, for instance translucent black with opaque black detailing. Regardless of what the detailing is, this kinds of tights work great with bright, solid coloured dresses. Try teaming black tights with a checked or striped pattern with a bright red or mustard tea dress.

With a Contrasting Outfit

If you feel comfortable with strong fashion choices, why not try putting together a contrasting outfit, in which you intentionally clash your tights and your dress for an interesting look. Try wearing animal print tights with a floral dress or Aztec print tights with a polka dot dress.

There are many different ways of wearing patterned tights, each with its own merits. You can pick and choose the ones your most comfortable with.

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