How Young is Too Young for Piercings?Parenting is full of tough decisions. Some of the decisions you’ll have to make for your child will be big ones, like which school they go to, and some of them will be small ones, like which socks they’re going to wear today. Some decisions, though, seem like small ones, but can have a greater impact than you might expect, like ear piercing. Not convinced? Let’s have a talk about it, then.

Ear Piercing Is Permanent

The first thing to consider when deciding if something is a big deal or not is how permanent the results of your choice will be, and once your child has his or her ears pierced, that’s it. There’s no going back. They’re always going to have those little holes in their ears, whether they want them in later life or not. Before we get into children changing their minds about what they want at all, it might be worth asking yourself: whose choice is this, really? Is your child old enough to know whether they want ear piercings or not? Do you want this more than they do? How will that affect them in later life?

Just Fashion, Or More?

It’s easy to dismiss ear piercing as mere fashion, and assume that therefore, it shouldn’t matter if your child decides not to wear his or her piercings in later life after asking for them at a young age. However, fashion and the need to conform can place tremendous pressures on a young child, and it’s no secret that we all learn and change a very great deal about ourselves between our childhood and adulthood. Getting piercings at a time when they didn’t really know what they wanted might be something your child grows up to dislike. Body image is a powerful thing, and the smallest detail can all too easily become a deep regret, especially during those developmental teenage years.
Perhaps it’s best to consider ear piercing to be the same as any other decision with permanent consequences – if you’re making the decision for them, perhaps your child really is too young for piercings.

Image copyright: Viktoriya Govorushch – Fotolia