Different Diets for Different WorkoutsA good diet does not necessarily mean that you drastically need to change your current weight. Dieting is about being sure that your body is receiving the nutrients that it needs in order to properly function: it is about being healthy and sure that your food intake is providing a balance between vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, calories and fats.

Understanding your body comes first when choosing what to eat, and when you are undergoing a certain exercise routine or workout, your dietary needs change. When your life is sedentary, your body is mainly storing everything it gets in excess. But when you are active and engaged with an exercise routine, it has different needs. By not responding to those needs you may not get the health results that you intend. Depending on the workout you choose, you must also follow a nutritional plan. Here are some options:

High Carbohydrate Intake

When you engage on a workout that pumps up your cardio levels, your body relies on your carbohydrate intake as it converts it into energy. Aerobic exercise (such as biking, running, dancing or any other routine that elevates your blood pressure and heart rate) must be accompanied by a nutritional plan that properly meets your body’s energetic demands. Be sure that your carbs come from nutritious foods so they will not be overly difficult to process. Some vegetables are a good source of good carbs, as well as different types of whole grain breads and cereals.

Oils and fats

People that have tried to lose weight may have the mistaken idea that fats are bad agents when it comes to nutrition. The truth is fats are needed by our bodies in order to keep on moving. Fat is an important source of energy, and again, if your workout is demanding, you need to get a proper fat intake so your body will be nutritionally balanced. If you are not providing what your body needs, chances are that your metabolism will begin storing fats instead of burning them, in order to ensure that it has enough energy if it needs it.

Other types of workouts, such as weight lifting or yoga require carbs and fats as well, but the balance is different. If you are facing any concerns regarding your nutrition and your workout needs, the best thing is to consult an expert.

Picture: Robert Kneschke – Fotolia