The Food and Wine Festivals of the Marche

In addition to a rich musical heritage, the Marche region of Italy is also famous for its love of traditional Italian cuisine. The Marche is an Italian region that loves its celebratory festivals, whether that is the superb musical heritage of the region, or its fine food and drink. Known in the local area is ‘sagre’; the festivals celebrate the area’s delicious and unique cuisine.

Great Produce

The region of Le Marche is one of the finest in Italy when it comes to produce from both the ocean and the field. The Marche is known for producing dishes in the style of ‘porchetta’, where fennel, garlic and rosemary are used to create a distinctive flavour. Truffles and game complement the great shellfish and other seafood.

The most important sagre in the local calendar takes place in autumns and celebrates the world’s most exclusive fungus: the truffle. Truffle festivals occur in Sant’Agata Feltria, Sant’Angelo and Acqualagna.

Sagre to celebrate frogs, cheese, rabbits, veal and pasta all take place in the Marche. In the town of Pianello in June, there is a sagre where people celebrate local snails. Another unusual festival occurs in Castelplanio, near Jesi, where on the last Sunday of July a celebration of local stuffed flat breads takes place.

Washing It Down

Of course, the wines of the Marche provide a great complement to the dishes of the area. There are some fine reds on offer, such as Rosso Piceno, while the Verdicchio region is well-known for its dry whites which go very well with the local seafood. One sagre well worth visiting, especially if you are a wine buff, occurs in the town of Cupramontana in September. This grape festival occurs in the heart of the Verdicchio wine region.

Image: Comugnero Silvana – Fotolia