How to Get a Celebrity Figure Without Starving Yourself

Obtaining a celebrity figure can be a difficult and arduous task. In fact, many people give up before they even begin. This is mainly because everyone associates a celebrity body with constant starvation and an unrelenting exercise regime. This psychology alone is enough to cause the reverse effect and encourage even the most motivated of people to eat more and exercise less. However, with patience and an educated approach the celebrity figure can be achievable.

Finding your body shape

Everyone must be aware of their own body shape. You will never look like Angelina Jolie if you were born with the body shape of Scarlett Johansson. There are five basic body shapes you should research and figure out which is closest suited to you. They are called, the Rectangle, the Oval, the Hourglass, the Pear Shape and the Wedge. Your body shape may change a little but will never change completely. So the best way to aim for a celebrity figure is to find the celebrity whose body shape you most resemble and try to achieve their figure.

Eating and exercising like a celebrity

The Atkins diet is one of the few that closely resembles celebrity nutrition. For Jennifer Anniston, the no-carb rule is the golden rule, especially when shaping up for a role or a red-carpet event. Cutting out carbs may be difficult but if you follow the Atkins diet sensibly you will attain weight-loss and increased muscle definition in no time.

Exercise is a given in any body-changing experience. The gym is a good place to start even if you don’t intend to keep it up as professional fitness instructors can guide you on different techniques for different areas of your body. For example, if you are having trouble getting a pert bum like Kim Kardashian then you can be informed of the best equipment and techniques to use in order to achieve this.

Patience and education are vital when attempting any fitness or nutrition change. Atkins will only work if it is followed sensibly. Six months is usually a healthy and sensible deadline and you may achieve wonders by being persistent and keeping yourself informed.

Picture: cirquedesprit – Fotolia