Hair Loss TreatmentLosing hair is as much a stressful and often debilitating condition as other common ailments of a more serious nature. Though rarely anything more serious than an affected appearance, it can cause very self-conscious feelings in the individual and can really affect self-esteem as most people place so much importance on their hair, especially women. Having bald patches, thinning hair or even receding hairlines can really induce stress which can in turn make the condition even worse. Short of going for medical treatment or to see a trichologist, which would be advised if it is quite serious or causing undue stress, there are a few treatments available which may stop the condition worsening, reduce the severity or symptoms or even reverse the cycle.

Diet and Nutrition

Hair loss is very often a symptom of a poor diet and lack of important nutrients rather than a condition in and of itself. Often, a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals or other nutrients can show up as a thinning of the hair or loss of hair in patches. If this is the case, this can be quite easily remedied with an identification of the problem in the diet. Eating a healthy, balanced and well supplemented diet with enough protein, keratin, omega oils and vitamins is absolutely crucial for the health of hair.

Other Treatments

If diet is not the problem or the answer, then there are a range of other over-the-counter products you can try which are available at most pharmacies. These can include supplements which are to be taken over a period of 3-6 months and very regularly throughout the day. Often, a shampoo or other product will be applied in conjunction with this, to stimulate hair re-growth and increase blood flow to the scalp which in turn, encourages hair follicles to grow at a faster rate than they would have otherwise. Using these products stringently and strictly may very well improve the state of your hair over time but patience and commitment is required.

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