Herbal Remedies - InsomniaHerbal remedies, used correctly, along with necessary changes in lifestyle and diet, can be used as prevention and effective and safe treatment for a whole number of ailments. In prescribing herbal treatment for common ailments, it is not enough to treat the symptoms. These are the signs of the body attempting to heal itself or to rebalance. For the best results it is necessary to find out the cause.

Causes of insomnia

There are various causes of insomnia including anxiety, stress and tension. The reason for these can be that you are overworked, run down, have pain or digestive problems. Perhaps you are drinking too much coffee with caffeine. Insomnia can be caused if you do not exercise enough or if you are not getting enough fresh air. Other causes are nutritional deficiencies and jetlag.

Herbal bath

Before going to bed take a herbal bath with oils or infusions. Tense muscles and a mind that is too active will be relaxed with a bath with lavender, rose, chamomile or limeflower. Six drops of lavender in your bath water, for example, will have an instant calming affect leading to a sleep filled night. If anxiety is the cause of your insomnia, then a massage using blended lavender oil can ease your anxiety and in turn lead to better sleep patterns.


A liniment for massage is beneficial. Taking lavender as an example, a liniment has lavender extracts in alcohol or oil and usually has stimulating essential oils included such as cayenne or ginger, to improve local circulation and enhance absorption.

Herbal sleep pillows

Use a sleep pillow with hops, catnip, lemon balm, limeflower or chamomile. Other sweet smelling herbs are lavender, rosemary and rose. The pleasant fragrance can immediately relax you. If you make your own sleep pillow with dried herbs, use a natural fiber fabric such as cotton. Natural fibers breath better than synthetic ones, allowing the perfume to permeate through the fabric more easily.

Herbal teas

A cup of herbal tea before bed, made from the same herbs as mentioned under sleep pillows, will help you to sleep. If the insomnia continues you can try drinking skullcap, passionflower or valerian tea with some licorice. If you do not remain asleep, you can drink another when you wake up. Do this every night until you have a good sleep pattern. Then you gradually diminish the amount you drink. Make sure you do not drink any caffeine or eat refined foods or sugar. If your insomnia is caused by you being run down, you can drink rosemary or vervain tea three times per day. Use herbal remedies to prevent insomnia.Take care to support your nervous system with herbal tonics of ginseng, wild oats, skullcap or vervain.

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