Injections for School ChildrenYour child’s health is paramount, so it can be difficult to decide whether or not to immunise them. Horror stories of terrible and tragic side-effects can put a parent off, which is why it is important to educate yourself on immunisation to put your mind at ease.

The Benefits

Immunisations are tested fully to make them as safe as possible, meaning that it is very rare for a child to suffer an adverse reaction. In addition to that, injections for school children are good for your child’s immune system. Most immunisations involve putting a dead or incredibly weak strain of an illness into the body, in order to strengthen the immune system and help prevent future illness. Many of the ailments a child can be immunised against have no cure. Children that are immunised also help to prevent other children from falling ill by lowering the possibility of the child coming into contact with the illness. Immunisation can help prevent your child from serious illnesses that can disable, or even kill them. By immunising your child, you are helping to eradicate the disease for future generations.

What injections for school children are offered?

In the United Kingdom, vaccines against Diptheria, Tetanus,Whooping Cough, Polio and Measles are offered; these have all been recommended as essential vaccines by the World Health Organisation. For girls, there is also the offer of the cervical cancer jab. If you’re worried about a particular disease, visit your GP for advice on how best to protect your child. Remember, some diseases such as Measles are incredibly dangerous and can affect your child for life.

Give your child the best start

Missing school can be detrimental to a child’s education and development, and long hospital stays are distressing. Explain to your child the benefits of vaccination; this may help them understand its importance; a little needle scratch is a temporary discomfort to avoid greater pain. Vital injections for school children help save lives. Give your child a great start in life, and take the steps needed to boost their immune system.

Picture: Martin Pohner – Fotolia