How to Keep Skin Looking HealthyKeeping skin as healthy and young looking as possible is something we all want especially as we get older! But it gets harder as skin naturally changes and ages due to maturity, hormones, diet and lifestyle habits that have a dramatic impact upon skin. Hydration levels, pore size, texture, tone, suppleness and clarity all depend on a huge variety of factors that are not all within our control. Fortunately, some things actually can be manipulated and maximized so that skin looks its best at all times.

Diets for Healthy Looking Skin

Diets rich in skin-nourishing elements can really boost the look of skin of any age and type. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates, mangoes, limes and raspberries are absolutely loaded with fantastic nutrients and anti-oxidants which flush out toxins from the body and provide a host of nutritional benefits to the skin. Nuts such as brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans and almonds are also full of fantastic minerals and vitamins which help to keep skin healthy and youthful. Omega oils like those found in fish and avocadoes are also vital for healthy skin. Water is also perhaps the most vital ingredient for skin as it washes away impurities from inside the body.

Cosmetics and Beauty Routines

The right creams, lotions, serums and cleansers can also really boost the vitality and appearance of skin. Choose cosmetics that are tailored to your skin type such as oily dry or combination and develop a consistent cleansing and beauty regimen that is completed every morning and evening for maximum skin radiance and health. It is also advisable to apply a face mask or intensive skin treatment once per week such as an exfoliating scrub as this sloughs off dead skin cells which can otherwise lead to blemishes, poor texture and flaky skin.

Healthy skin means a nourishing and balanced diet supplemented with a great cosmetic routine that takes care of skin and maintains its glow. Of course it is vital to refrain from smoking and excessive drinking for optimal skin health.

Picture: Swetlana Wall – Fotolia