Safe Ways to Put on WeightPutting on weight is an often-neglected topic when it comes to planning a diet as a vast majority of people are more concerned with losing weight. However, safe weight gain is a concern for some people and while it may seems like a dream process of scoffing hamburgers, fries, chocolate and cakes, this will in fact make you extremely unhealthy even if it does meet the objective. Putting on weight in a healthy and safe way is something which requires a similar discipline and knowledge base as losing weight as it involves understanding food and knowing exactly what to eat.

Eat the Right Foods

Avoid gorging on takeaways, fried food and sweets. It seems like an easy option and though you will gain weight, you will also compromise on your overall health and fitness levels. Instead, simply eat healthier foods that are high in calories but also high in nutrients. For example, nuts, avocadoes, wholegrain baguettes, pesto, hummus and innumerable other food types are both high in calories but also offer massive health and nutritional benefits that will not affect your cholesterol, liver and digestive system in the same hazardous way as junk food. Of course, you will have to increase your portions sizes in order to put on weight but this is okay as the food is actually good for you, and instead of having 3 large meals, make sure to keep grazing – healthily – throughout the day.

Don’t Stop Exercising

It may sound contradictory, but stopping exercising is not the best way to put on weight. While you may stop cardiovascular and fat burning exercises, it is advisable to continue or enhance weight training or any other exercises which engage your muscles. This will maintain your fitness levels but also increase your weight as muscle weighs more than fat.
It is entirely possible to put on weight and still be healthy. By eating the right foods and engaging in regular weight training exercises, you can achieve a heavier but effectively healthy physique that does not suffer the effects of overindulging on junk food.

Image: cirquedesprit – Fotolia