How to Safely Put On WeightWith everyone seeming to be raving about the importance of losing weight, it can be hard to get advice on gaining weight when you need to. However, putting on weight isn’t as simple as loading up on unhealthy, fatty foods. While you may well put on weight this way, you will also be putting your health at risk. However, there are ways to gain weight safely.

Your Health Comes First

Before you do anything that involves a new exercise or diet program, the best thing you can do is consult your doctor or a qualified dietitian for advice. They may be able to help work out a healthy plan with you to make sure that you put on weight safely and with your long term health in mind. They may suggest taking the time to exercise more, for example, and while this may sound counterintuitive, what you’ll be doing by exercising is building muscle, which actually weighs quite a bit more than fat. You may also consider increasing the amount of protein you eat, which will also help you build muscle and put on weight.

Keep It Safe and Sane

To put on weight, you need to increase the amount of calories you eat, but remember that not all calories are good calories. You should aim to eat healthy foods, while upping the amount of fat you eat in sensible, healthy ways. For example, instead of skimmed milk, you might want to switch to semi-skimmed or whole milk. Include some lean meats in your diet, and look for healthy fats like the kind you’ll find in nuts and oils. Plenty of eggs and fish will also help you to gain weight: salmon and tuna are both especially good kinds of fish to include in a healthy diet, and are high in healthy oils.
Most importantly, don’t expect to put on weight quickly. Sometimes it can take a long time, but it’s vital that you have a specific plan and a goal weight in place and that you stick to it, whether it takes weeks, months or even years. Good luck!

Picture: Sandra Cunningham – Fotolia