Surgery in the last decadesSurgery is an important medical field and due to the invention of innovative technologies surgery has advanced a lot within the last decades.

Heart Surgery

About 40 years ago, the South African Doctor Christian Barnard was the first cardiologist who executed a heart transplant. At that point in time, a heart transplant meant an enormous surgical challenge and thus Barnard earned worldwide respect for this surgical intervention. Nowadays, doing heart, kidney or liver transplants is part of surgical routine in many hospitals and no longer an extraordinary case.

Laser Surgery

Not only heart surgery has advanced. In the course of time, new surgical techniques are applied in many medical fields. For example the application of laser has opened many doors in beauty surgery and in reconstructive surgery. Laser techniques are perfectly suitable for treatment after an accident. Under application of laser, scars and disfigurement can be minimized up to a certain degree or can even be completely corrected. Laser surgery has also become extremely popular when it comes to the correction of near- or farsightedness. Many people have already opted for laser surgery because they wanted to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. Laser surgery or the so-called “Lasik” technique, is a modern method to correct extreme near- or farsightedness. However, Lasik also bears certain risks and is not applicable to any case. People suffering from other conditions i.e. heart or kidney disease, should carefully consider all the risks.

Endoscopy and Surgery

Another important issue in modern surgery is endoscopic surgery, also called “keyhole surgery”. Endoscopy minimizes operating risks, operating time and consequently the patient does not remain in hospital as long as under application of usual operating techniques. This is also an important factor for health insurance providers when calculating costs and expenses for operation, treatment and hospital stay.

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