The World's Most Popular Destinations for Food LoversTravelling to various destinations is definitely exciting and at the same time intriguing. Visiting distant lands and experiencing their culture, lifestyle and, of course, cuisine is one of the highlights of travelling around the world. A fine dining experience is a culmination of good food, good company and great service, so if you love exotic food that pleases your taste buds, there are many travel destinations that await you.

The Best Rated Food Destinations in the World

Everybody knows Italy for its famous for art, fashion and football but according to CNN, Italy is also the food capital of the world. Is it any wonder that millions of people visit this enchanting city year after year. When on holiday in a city that is as passionate about their food as this city, it can be frustrating to decide on where or what to eat. The Trattoria Dante in Florence is a great restaurant to try if you want a truly Italian experience. The specials include the striped macaroni and famous tiramisu dessert, afterwards. The ZaZa offers Italy’s version of every body’s favourite fast food, Pizza. The restaurant is extremely tourist friendly and has a great patio for those warm, summer nights. If you are still perplexed about what to eat, the Acqua al Due is just the right place for you. They allow you to sample the food on the menu before ordering, now few restaurants can top that!

Best Places to Eat in Italy

What is so amazing about this country is that what might be a favourite dish in one region, could be completely unheard of, in the next. The ever popular and delicious Pizza is a famous dish in Naples, which is also where it originated. Risotto is a popular dish in the Piedmont region and is made from rice and an special broth which makes a creamy meal. Mortadella is another popular dish in Bologna and is made from ground pork sausage and fat which eventually gives you a spicy and incredibly tasting sausage. Each region has a dish that is exclusive to that part of the country and every dish is as delicious as it can be. For the ultimate culinary experience, visit Italy and delve into their rich culture and cuisine.

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