With the ever increasing worries about the environmental impact of our technological lifestyles, it has become an issue of major importance to many manufacturers to produce energy efficient products, which have a low impact on the environment. It is now one of the key considerations of many of the leading brands in computing and entertainment technologies to be producing energy efficient products which have environmentally friendly components and packaging.

Eco Friendly Products

The move towards creating low energy machines, with environmentally safe components and packaging has come about as a result of many factors, including company responsibility and ethics, legal requirements and guidelines, and customer preference. This is a positive move for the industry, and has lead to many new technological advancements which will be beneficial for the long term production of such products. This move towards environmental awareness from manufacturers has coincided with the revolution in online shopping which has come about in the last ten years. Whether customers are looking to buy a new laptop, or a new printer, they are now more likely than ever to check up on energy usage, and environmental issues regarding inks and consumables. This means than anyone wishing to buy a printer can check up and compare it with other printers and printer inks to see if they are happy with the companies use of materials.

Purchasing Power

The purchasing power gained by customers due to the advancement of online shopping is huge. Information is now readily available on just about every product sold, so it is possible for customers to buy Canon printer ink online after checking all of the product details thoroughly first and deciding whether they are happy with it. Customers who have a concern for energy consumption or materials used in products can now easily check and compare, and this has lead to a drive by manufacturers to offer the most eco friendly option. Customers have the power to change the habits of manufacturers by deciding what is most important to them. Companies who do not follow the desires of the mass consumer market will loose out on sales.

Picture: Dariusz T. Oczkowicz, ars digital media services