The Biggest Electronics Manufacturers in the WorldThe nature of the electronics industry has changed. In the last few years the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world would probably include Apple and Samsung, household names now but known only by a few back then. Although, perhaps the profile of these brands is a result of their scrapping in courts throughout the world in a dispute about smart rectangles with radius corners. Some of the bigger players from the 1970s and 1980s are still around, but don’t have the same profile as the electronics manufacturers that have branched out into the mobile phone and tablet computer market.

The Market Nowadays

Where once the biggest players produced televisions, video recording and audio equipment, now the market is dominated by computer and phone manufacturers who also make tablet computers. A mobile phone is regarded as an essential item by most people, and increasingly so are e-book readers and laptops. Even the generations that did not grow up with the internet are fully conversant with the latest technology. Silver surfers are a fast growing sector of the market.

The Developments

So what are the developments amongst electronics manufacturers that we have to look forward to? E-book readers are set to become more flexible, and will have the capacity to be rolled up like a newspaper can today. Mobile phones will continue to develop and are expected to be part of an electronic eco-system in your home. This might mean that you programme your phone to instruct another device to carry out a task such as boiling water for a cup of tea.

The Ageing Population

In South Korea, the ageing population, coupled with the break up of traditional family structures where the older generation lives with their children, is presenting new problems. Household items such as refrigerators are being equipped with alarms so that if they are not opened for a few days, a family member or friend is alerted that the elderly owner of the fridge is probably not eating properly. An ageing population is a problem that we face across the developed world, so it is reassuring to know that the most sophisticated consumers of electronics are already ahead of the game.

Image by luckylight – Fotolia