Can Technology Help You Quit Smoking?Nicotine patches, gum, self-help books and hypnotism are all ways which have been shown to work when quitting smoking. With the introduction of the electronic cigarette, many physicians and professionals have discussed its safety and its ability to keep smokers off the cigarettes for good. So can technology help you quit smoking?

Bio Laser Technology

Bio Laser Technology claims to help stabilise endorphins which helps to reduce cravings for nicotine. This in turn helps to combat the urges to smoke by releasing the hold nicotine has over the smoker. Bio Laser technology claims to have a 95% quit rate and is successful after one treatment for the majority of users. The rise in its use indicates that it is a very useful method of technology to quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarette

This injects a small amount of nicotine via a cartridge which is inserted into the electronic cigarette. It even expels a smoke like substance giving the feeling that you are smoking a cigarette. Of course, there is none of the harmful chemicals found in real cigarettes, for example carbon monoxide. The success of these has been well documented in the news and some doctors have actually recommended them.

The Internet

Believe it or not, the rise in use of the internet has helped many people to quit smoking. The use of interactive website tools, self-help sites and question and answer sessions with health professionals online has helped many in their road to success when quitting smoking and they are easily able to access help and support.
There appears to be a high success rate when using technology to quit smoking. Many people swear by these methods despite the fact that there have been little to no studies to determine their long term effects.
Until studies can show the exact effect that these methods of quitting have then the subject is still up for debate. However, many people have found these methods useful and have managed to put down the cigarettes for the time being. Long term studies may create a clearer picture of the safety and advantages of these technological advances, but it would seem that they have their place when quitting smoking.

Image: ehabeljean – Fotolia