Common Viruses for Mobile PhonesMobile phones are everywhere. However, like viruses and worms have expanded the way computer systems have in the technology boom, mobile phone viruses are not that widespread. This is largely because most common mobile viruses are transferred by download of files from computers or the internet rather than mobile phone to phone viruses.

What Makes Phone-To-Phone Virus Movement Difficult?

The way computer viruses spread is quite different from phone virus spreading. Mobile phone viruses pass to other mobiles through MMS, Bluetooth, and downloading files from the internet. Many older mobile phones do not have any of the above three features which means viruses did not have that access path. There are still some models which lack one or more of them.
When a virus does make its way into a phone, the file needs to be installed or opened for it to take action and spread. Without auto-install viruses, the virility is greatly decreased.

Notable Mobile Viruses

Cabir (2004) was the start of mobile phone viruses, but it was meant only to provide the idea that mobile viruses could be developed. The first malicious file was Commwarrior (2005). Once opened, the file sent itself as an MMS to all contacts, and also sped off through Bluetooth to any devices it detected nearby.
Skulls was a Trojan virus that converted the main page icons of the phone to skull images and corrupted all MMS and SMS files.
Locknut (2005) came through the internet and proceeded to crash the phone, disrupt all cellular functions and brought baggage.
Duts was a virus that came to PocketPCs and infected all .exe files.
Fontal is another Symbian-infector from the internet that completely locks the cell phone.

Mobile viruses nowadays are known to primarily affect Symbian OS mobile phones. The fact that so many phones exist in the world today that run on different operating systems and software makes it difficult for rapid transfer; the point of a virus is, after all, to spread quickly and easily. Therefore, the spread of a virus takes place among a tiny proportion of the entire mobile population.

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