Coolest apps for smartphonesIn today’s multimedia society, you may often hear the phrase “There is an app for everything”. This may well be true- the apps for smartphones is a hugely growing market with unthinkable applications available for download daily.

The Essentials

Whilst a newly bought iPhone contains over 18 built-in apps and on first glance, everything you might want from a phone, one finger tap on the Apple app store will leave you mesmerised at the capabilities a handheld device is able to do in a matter of presses in a matter of seconds.
Every smart phone comes with a camera, calling and messaging services, calendar, alarm and music functions.
Push notification for Emails and Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter are readily available and almost essential. Then, for the business men and women out there, there are online banking apps and ones which allow you to check the FTSE 100. Or if fitness is your thing, calorie trackers and pedometers are also out there.
Newspapers and magazines may also become a thing of the past, as many companies offer free smartphone apps which cover a majority of the services they offer.

Ones for the Wacky

Apart from the useful apps for smartphones on the market, a number of quirky apps still remain popular. Crazes from DrawSomething and the Logos Quiz may not have survived the gruelling test of time, but classics including the farting app, whip-sounding app and helium voice simulation remain fan favourites.
The joy of today’s market is that most apps for smartphones now also contain free samples or are free but offer a deluxe edition for small fee. There are games for every type of skill, lead by Angry Birds and Facebook favourites such as Bejeweled Blitz.
Perhaps the most useful is WhatsApp, which allows all smartphone users to communicate with each other over for free, including voice recording and group conversation features.

The App of the Summer however, must be one of many London 2012 apps, which include schedules, interviews, results and anything else you might want to know about the historical event.

picture copyright: Stuart Miles – Fotolia