Diaphragm Pumps: Uses In IndustryThe diaphragm pump is a fantastically versatile piece of engineering, with many uses in a variety of industries, both as a backup for a turbo pump or as a stand-alone piece of equipment.

Reliable, Clean and Quiet

Easy to use, diaphragm pumps boast a wholly oil-free mechanism, and provide plenty of power whilst also running extremely quietly. In any industrial environment with requirements such as these – for example, where people are working nearby, whose health may be at risk at high noise levels – the diaphragm pump is an ideal solution for the pumping of any dry or non-corrosive gas. They are also wonderfully robust and can be relied upon as a stalwart back up or stand-alone option with tremendous reliability, with the valves and diaphragms of the diaphragm pump remaining in excellent working condition over long periods of time. Invaluable in a wide range of industries, their applications are near limitless.

Flexible, for Your Needs

In addition to the many uses of the basic models of diaphragm pump available today, there are also many more specialist models to further extend their usage in industry, such as those that are designed to move corrosive gases and those with an integrated gas ballast to further extend its applications in industry. This variety of designs and applications means that vacuum pumps can be used worldwide, in metallurgy, for example, or freeze drying and vacuum drying, chemical processing and numerous other fields of industry where a safe, dry and reliable pumping method is required.

The popularity of diaphragm pumps is well earned, and with such a clean and simple design, they are the dry pump of choice in a great many industries and numerous areas of research and development. Their reliability and long lifespan mean that they are ideally suited to operating as back up pumps for when larger, less hardy systems such as turbopumps fail, and as such, they are found in research and industry all around the world.

Image: LE image – Fotolia