Great Gadgets For MotorbikesFor some motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing beats the thrill of the ride. The purr of the engine, the warmth of the metal between your legs and the wind whipping your hair as you dart between the stationary traffic comprising road users who’ve foolishly chosen to travel on four wheels and the scenery goes by in a blur. It’s pretty sweet. However, there are ways to make your ride even sweeter – here we introduce to you some great gadgets for motorcycles.

Hi-Tech Helmets

Want to be a movie director? Now you can, with the great range of helmet cameras now on the market. These miniature cameras attach to the top of any standard helmet, allowing you make your own road movies to share with your friends. Hi-tech audio technology means your soundtrack wont just be rushing wind, but the sounds you want to hear. Helmet headsets are also a must if you ever travel with a passenger, or with groups of your friends. These radio intercom systems attach to helmets to allow you to talk to anyone other user in a five mile radius, without breaking the law by resorting to cell phones.

Seamless Journeys

While most of the time, a bike can get you where you want to to go quicker than a car, there are some hassles unique to bikers that have a habit of slowing you down. But don’t worry – there are a range of gadgets for motorcycles to help. Like green light triggers. Not all road sensors are sensitive enough to detect motorcycles, so where cars would be given the green light, motorcycles are left waiting. Simply clip to the underside of your bike and away you go! There’s also no more need to wait at toll booths, digging around for loose change – most tolls now accept electronic payment with a toll pass and toll pass mounts are a handy way of keeping your pass lined up with the sensors. Just install it on your handlebars or side mirror stem. So you see, with these great gadgets for motorcycles you can improve the efficiency, and fun of your ride.

Picture: aliola – Fotolia