Why Pay More for an Apple Product?In the space of the last twenty years, Apple has grown rapidly to become the single most profitable consumer electronics company the world has ever known. With such vast profits being made, it is clear that the company would still be financially successful if it cut the prices of its products. While Apple essentially created the smartphone and tablet market, cheaper rival products are now available, many of which offer superior features. So why are so many consumers willing to pay more for Apple products?

Ease of use

When Apple launched the Macintosh personal computer in early 1984, it was the first mass market PC to utilise a mouse and graphical user interface, instead of the text command interfaced used by Microsoft. Ever since, Apple products have developed a reputation for being far more user friendly than those of their rivals. Although many rival products now come closer to delivering an Apple-like experience, long-time users are reluctant to make the switch and happy to pay a premium to keep using a familiar system.

Safety and stability

The vast majority of viruses and malware programs are aimed at machines running Windows. Although there have been viruses aimed at Apple products, they are few and far between as they occupy a far smaller slice of the market, making any such efforts far less worthwhile. In addition, Apple’s app store incorporates a huge number of safeguards with make it highly unlikely that products containing malicious code or inappropriate content will be released. By contrast, apps for Google’s Android store are reviewed by the company only after they are released, creating huge a huge potential for abuse of the system.


When you buy one Apple product, it will integrate seamlessly with all the others you may own. Apps purchased for the iPhone or iPad are automatically available on an Apple desktop or laptop. Purchases made from iTunes are also stored virtually in the iCloud, freeing up space on your individual devices without the need to delete items you may wish to retain.

Photo by Benicce – Fotolia