Photo Books - Great Travel MemoriesNothing quite matches the excitement that comes with travelling to new places, interacting with new cultures and meeting different people from various backgrounds. When a holiday has been really amazing, everyone wishes it could go on forever. Even though this is rarely possible, you can choose to make the holiday live on by creating a great photo book full of memories.

Selecting a good photo book

When selecting a good photo book, what you should have in mind is the book that is going to allow you to balance elegance and practicality. There are plenty of photo book software applications available, but not all of them will give you this balance. The following tips are useful to consider when choosing a photo book.

PC operating system compatibility

Before you download photo book software, you must make sure that it is compatible with your computer’s operating system. The best software would be one that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X if you need to use it with an Apple Mac. If you select photo book software that is not compatible with your computer’s operating system, you will have wasted your money.

The size of the software you want to buy

Photo book software is normally organized in terms of pages. There are 16, 32, 64 pages and so on. Each number of pages is sold at a particular price. The fewer the pages, the less you are going to pay for the software. However, it is usually more economical to buy many pages of a photo book.

The layout of the photo book

Photo books come in different designs; these include landscape, portrait and several other custom designs. The one that you select will normally depend on the size of the photos that you want to store in the book. For example, if you take mostly portrait shots during your trips, choose the portrait design for your photo book.

Those are just a few of the things to have in mind when selecting photo book software. It is important to note that there is both free software and software that comes at a cost. Free software can be great, but sometimes has limitations as is not usually customised. At a little extra cost, you can get software that will help you store those memories in the best way possible. Brands of software that you can find online include the free Pixum photo book software, Adobe Photoroom, My Memories, among many others. You just have to select the one you find best for you and go with it.

Picture: farvatar – Fotolia