Portable Electronics for Long Business TripsThose who travel on long business trips expect to be able to work remotely and also have some entertainment options while travelling. However, when on a long flight or tedious train and car journey, the largest obstacle (unless you are fortunate enough to have power access) has been battery life. Notebooks, even when new, will last from two to four hours on a standard six-cell battery and netbooks can last from six to eight hours. Of course, there are exceptions that involve nine or 12-cell batteries but in general, the figures above apply and can reduce dramatically if Wi-Fi or 3G data cards are used.


Those taking a break from work are advised to use dedicated devices such as iPods or other media players for listening to music and watching videos. The battery life involved can be as much as 16 hours if maximum screen brightness is not used. Devices that use standard AAA or AA batteries can be selected, rather than proprietary batteries that require charging or docking before reuse. There are numerous options available in this market with Creative Labs offering such solutions. Laptops, netbooks and smartphones can all offer entertainment option but battery life can be reduced dramatically, depending on the brightness and volume selected.


Mobile printing or printing on the move is increasingly popular and the usual major players are involved in this growing market. Mobile printers are by definition, smaller than standard solutions and typically offer printing on paper up to legal or A5 size only. The Canon Pixma iP100 is a popular choice for many, with a slim form factor and high quality output (9600 x 2400dpi). It can be connected with min-USB or using an infrared connection (suitable for smartphones and other devices) and can print up to 20 pages per minute. Cartridge replacement is easy and it is recommended that users order replacement Canon cartridges online to save on costs.

Photo: Jenner – Fotolia