Tagging Gadgets for Pet OwnersTagging gadgets aren’t just gimmicks for trendy pet owners; they provide a useful functionality that enable owners to be reunited with their missing pet. Many pets go missing every day, and often the owner never sees it again. Whether this is due to the pet never being found, or because the pet has been picked up off the street and kept, domestic pets should wear collar tags.

Microchips versus GPS

Modern collar tags employ GPS technology. This allows the pet owner, or service provider to pinpoint the exact location of the dog. This is not the case with microchip implants. Microchips hold limited information, and are dependent upon the pet being found and handed in to an animal welfare organisation.


Some GPS collar tags allow the pet owner to implement a ‘safety zone’. This is the area in which they are happy for their dog to occupy. Several zones can be created, and is useful when visiting friends or walking the dog in the park for instance. Pet owners can set the time delay of the alert in accordance to their preferences. Obviously, shorter time periods will incur more false alarms. On the other hand, if chances are taken on a lengthier time, then the dog could cover a much further distance. Alerts are normally via email or a text.

Which One?

There is a selection of GPS collar tags available, and it’s important to select the right one for your particular dog. Some GPS systems work in conjunction with iPhone and Android, which is important when you’re outside and your dog is on the move! In addition, price varies considerably. Some providers require a monthly payment for their services, while others prefer a yearly subscription. Some extra features of collar tags include the ability to monitor your dog’s fitness, sleeping patterns, and temperature. You will be alerted via a text message if the temperature becomes too high. This could potentially save your dog’s life by preventing heatstroke.

Picture: einstein – Fotolia