Technology and Electronics in contemporary SurgeryIn modern surgery, it is very common that we use invasive methods. Recently, there has been an invention that is called “Da Vinci Surgical System”. It is a robot assisted operation method. It promotes minimal invasion, more precision and fast recovery. The “Da Vinci Surgical System” is made up of three robotic arms with different operation apparatus on them. On every arm, there is a camera attached on it. It sends signals to a remote computer with a monitor – this is where the doctor sits and makes his operation.

How does the Da Vinci Surgical System work?

The “Da Vinci Surgery” is used for laparoscopic, endoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures. There will be a very small cut on the skin and a camera will be placed inside the body and the doctor can start the operation. He has a control pad on the remote computer and that’s where he will make all the commands and it will send a signal to the machine.

The advantages of the Da Vinci Surgical System

This machine helps promote a more sterilized ambiance for the patient and it lessens infections. With this machine, there are many advantages that the patient and the doctor benefits from. For the doctor, this machine can reach difficult to reach places at ease without endangering the life of the patient. There is less blood loss because of the minimal break on the skin integrity. It also takes little time to do the operation and closing the surgical area compared to having a major surgery. For the patient, it makes them recover faster because of the very small incision made on the skin. It is less dangerous for them because of the more precise operation.

What is it used for?

The “Da Vinci Surgical System” is made use for heart surgery, prostate cancer operations, mitral valve regurgitation and other medical condition that’s supposed to require major surgery. But with the “Da Vinci Surgical System” the patients has the freedom to choose between a major surgery and the use of “Da Vinci Surgical System”. Surgeons are glad to have a “Da Vinci Surgical System” in their operating room. This helps them and makes their job a lot easier.