Tomorrow's Technology That Will Soon Be In Every HomeTechnology is advancing faster now than at any other time since the wheel was invented and many of the latest gadgets are as much luxury items as useful tools. The winners in home technology tend to be the products that until they were used, nobody thought were needed, but when people use them they forget instantly what it was like without them.

Examples of Life Changing Technology

Not that long ago washing clothes and keeping the home clean was a full time job. Laundry was done by hand and a vacuum cleaner was a thing of the future. Even educating the children at a young age meant making a conscious effort to set aside time for learning. Now children are placed in front of a television with programming designed to educate and entertain simultaneously. Even children’s toys are designed to teach everything from reading and writing through to motor skills and dexterity.

What Does the Future of Home Technology have in Store?

Labour saving devices are here to stay, but with the internet age technology is being taken to a new level. There are white goods manufacturers developing refrigerators that can monitor stock levels of everyday items such as milk, butter and eggs. When these reach a low enough level they are added to a shopping list via an internet connection then all a customer has to do is log in and confirm the order. The food is then delivered free of charge by the supermarket. Imagine never forgetting to restock those essential items again.

Home technology already allows people to monitor every aspect of their lives with activity monitors in mobile phones recording exact figures of energy being used. This information can then be used to assess the dietary needs of an individual. Linked with the online ordering system that the refrigerator uses, a complete healthy lifestyle can be mapped out. In years from now lifestyle monitoring can be used to lower health and life insurance costs if adopted in the same way as car insurers are adopting car monitoring devices.

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