World's Biggest Tech EventsWhen it comes to large technology events, hundreds take place in various locations worldwide, each one catering for a different industry. Regardless of specialty, there are industry events taking place each year that allow all industry participants to network, view upcoming product releases and innovations and of course meet new suppliers or manufacturer partners.

For many of us, niche industry events hold little interest and by far the most popular and most well attended involve consumer electronics, mobile phones and portable computing as well as related hardware components and software design.

Most Popular Tech Events

Practically every year the biggest (by physical area, number of exhibitors and visitors) tech events are (not necessarily in order) are CES, CeBit, IFA and CITA Wireless. Honorable mentions go to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, CEATEC Japan and SITEX in Singapore. However, with over 450,000 square meters of exhibition space in Hanover, Germany and related events in Asia and in Australia, CeBit remains the largest technology event in the world, with thousands of exhibitors each year. Exhibitors represent every conceivable area of technology, from component manufacturers such as Qualcomm (without whom most mobiles are inoperable) to multinationals such as Sony, HP and many more.

Benefits of Participation

While exhibition space may be costly, typically costing thousands of pounds, the benefits of attendance make it a worthwhile exercise. Manufacturers can introduce upcoming products; some even launch their products at tech events. Those interested in selling products or acting as area agents can obtain samples, catalogues and other material to aid them in deciding which manufacturer to represent. Engineers can discuss technical issues with manufacturers and even broker deals for future cooperation. The general public can obtain a preview of what future technology holds and even pre-order a product that they wish to purchase. Billions of pounds in sales often occur during technical events and is the primary reason major manufacturers attend trade shows all over the world.
Selecting the best technical event to attend may be problematic as there are so many available worldwide. However, a little online research will point you in the right direction. Simply insert your desired industry as your search term and add ‘exhibition’ or ‘trade fair’. From the number of results provided, check your schedule, budget and available time and make a selection that meets all your requirements.

Image: Bernd Stuhlmann – Fotolia