3 cities not to be missed in the USAWhen on a road trip around the United States, you want variety and adventure. There are many cities in the USA that offer both but some are better than others. While New York is a popular one for its beautiful skyling, here are some others you may also want to consider.

Las Vegas – The City that Never Sleeps

Las Vegas is known for its gambling but there are many other things to do and see. It is perfect for all ages, with shows and concerts on each day and night, helicopter or plane trips to see the city from above and the Grand Canyon just a drive away. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon, a short holiday as a couple or a family vacation, Las Vegas is one to put on the list.

Orlando – Disney and NASA

Orlando, Florida is often considered as a destination for those with children, but it is perfect for all ages. Nobody is too old for Disney, whether it is to ride the roller coasters or watch the parades. Orlando is also the home of MGM and Universal Studios, where you can see how films are made, and the Kennedy Space Center, where you can learn more about the history of the moon landings and the attempts to beat Russia.

San Francisco – A City of Beauty

San Francisco, California, has a range of beautiful sights; from the Golden Gate Bridge to the view of the mountains. It is also home to Chinatown, which is an area full of the local Chinese residents with a range of home businesses offering gifts for the whole family. Alcatraz Island is just a short distance away and offers tours throughout the day for those wanting to know more about the history.

The United States is full of cities to visit, including New York and Washington D.C. The three above offer something for all the family, whether it is trip on a roller coaster and to see Mickey Mouse, the chance to see shuttles take off into space or the ability to learn more about the USA’s famous history.

Picture by Niklas Kratzsch – Fotolia