The Best Road Trip Routes in the USRoad tripping around the United States is a popular option. You have freedom, it is often cheaper and you can fit in many different sights and activities. When organising a road trip throughout the USA, you will need to look at the different routes available and find something suitable for the whole family.

The Pacific Coast Route

If you want a route that involves a lot of sea views, the Pacific Coast Route is definitely one to take. This will take you through states such as California, Washington and Oregon. There are many things to do and see along the route – not just the sea – and suitable for all ages. San Francisco and Los Angeles are along the route once you reach California and the Olympic National Park is a popular option for those in Washington.

The Route to Nowhere

The route right down the middle of the country is the shortest of all. This takes you from Canada to Mexico – written as Old Mexico on some old postcards that are now difficult to find. This route will take you through states such as Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, which are full of history, especially when looking into the Civil War.

The Oregon Trail

One of the longest options, so you will need to make sure you have plenty of time spare, takes you through the middroadele states like Illinois, Nebraska and Ohio. Some of the popular sights to see along the trail include New York side of Niagara Falls and Yellowstone’s National Park in Wyoming. It is full of culture and there are plenty of activities for the whole family.
Finding the best route for a road trip involves considering the time you have, the cities you want to visit and the type of sites that you want to see. Each of these routes have something for everyone, whether it involves history, culture or a trip to the beach.

Picture: Manubelin – Fotolia